An "F" Waiting to Happen

My science teacher assigned an experiment perfect for spring time but not so perfect for me: growing a plant.
I started it yesterday but I don’t have much confidence about it. You see, last year I tried growing ten plants and all of them died (except for one that my dad saved before I killed it all the way). I don’t really have a green thumb.

I got a package of carnation seedsguaranteed to grow”. I made a light hut ( a box covered with aluminum foil, slits for ventilation, and a light bulb at the top) and I planted the seeds with extreme care. I even used a ruler to be sure I wasn’t covering them with too much dirt.

According to the package they take ten days to germinate. So if I don’t see anything by March 20th, I’ll be upset.

Now, if this project does work out, I think I should get an A+ after considering my bad history with plants.

They should grow…they’re guaranteed to.

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