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Rules and tips for submission:

1) Please follow me before entering.

2) You can submit an post for each blog you author.

3) You can enter a post at any time.

4) You can still submit a post regardless if your submission was chosen a previous month.

5) All posts will be valid until published but you can always send in another post. I will only consider a blog's most recent entry for publishing.

6) You don't have to write a special post just for my blog, you can just chose one that's already on your blog.

7) I will accept posts on any topic -- I will be more apt to publish posts that are more unique.

8) I will only accept submissions sent via the form below.
9) Any submissions containing foul/rude language, sensuality, or any other profane subjects will be rejected.

Please invite your friends to enter too!
The chosen guest post will be published on the first Saturday of each month.
If you have any questions or comments you can ask me here.

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