Who's Your Hero?

By The Director from Castles, Quills, and Cameras

When I read a book or watch a movie, I emotionally invest in those characters and the story.

I'm going to assume that on some level, you do too.

For two hours or for several days (however long it takes me finish a book), I've lived with any given set of characters; I've learned who they are; I've journeyed with them; I've laughed and cried with them; I've come to admire some and despise others; I've come to sympathize with all of them. In a sense, I've fallen in love with them. I hope you understand.

I've fallen in love with these characters that I've met, but out of everyone, the one I know the best and care about the most, is the main character, whether hero or heroine.

Ask me who my favorite character is from any book or movie, and I almost guarantee you that I'll say the main character. Why? That's the one I've journeyed with the most, that's the one I know the best. Even if some other supporting character has a better personality or whatever, that's not what counts to me. I've invested more emotion into the main character than anyone else. This is the hero's journey I'm experiencing, not the supporting actors'.

And those heroes (mainly heroes, not heroines; I don't read too many books with just a female MC) become my heroes. In a funny way, I look up to those characters.

I finished reading the second Castaways of the Flying Dutchman book last night. It's called The Angel's Command. You know who my favorite character is? Ben. (You had no idea, huh?) Once again, I got all sniffly by the end, but I'll deal with all of that in my review on the book, which I will do later.

But I've totally emotionally invested in Ben (and Ned). And it hit me last night: the way I've fallen in love with the character of Ben, they way I admire him and want to read more about him, should be the way I feel about Jesus.

Jesus should be my ultimate hero.

You see, friend, Jesus is no distant being, or a character in the pages of a dusty old Book. He was God in the flesh, and walked this earth 2,000 years ago. He did. And He gave His life for me. He saved me from Death itself. He's preparing a place for me and will be coming back for me. And I love Him so so much.

But it didn't hit me fully until last night just how much I've been holding back some of myself from Him. I hadn't really realized it.... He. Is. My. Hero.

Those thoughts and emotions swelling in me for Ben, for Joriem and Benjiah (Binding of the Blade series), for Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee (The Lord of the Rings), for Aidan and Antoinette (The Door Within Trilogy), for Cat and Anne (Isle of Swords & Isle of Fire), for Marcus and Esca (The Eagle of the Ninth), the list goes on... those thoughts should be for my Savior.

That love should be for my Jesus.

It hit home last night, and I'm pretty sure I cried and whispered, "Sorry, Lord."

Because He's greater than any of those characters I'll ever read about. And He hadn't been above them in my heart yet.

Because even though I had put Jesus first in my heart, something else still had "first" in this area without me realizing it.

Sure, I will still have fondness those book and movie characters, but they won't have my ultimate admiration and love. That's for Jesus. And now, I'm pretty sure I'll be spending more time reading my Bible than reading those other books on my nightstand/bookshelf.

So this is just me here to publicly say that Jesus is my true hero. He's my first love. And He's first in my heart. I won't ever love Him perfectly, I'm only human after all, but I'm here to remind myself and you about our First Love.

What about you? Who's your hero?

I've included links to some videos that have really blessed me recently. If you can take the time to watch/listen to them (the first two are for the song, the last is a well-known skit that recently moved me to tears), then I hope they bless you as well. 

Chris Tomlin's Our God 
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Abigail ♫ said...

I definitely have the same hero.
My Savior! Jesus Christ

The Director said...

Aw, look, we're both Abigails!! :D

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