Today I don't have one of my "normal" posts. I just wanted to share a few announcements.

First of all, the other day I found out that Blogger is truly making it where we can't edit our blog's HTML. That's pretty upsetting since I was planning on having a blog makeover.

Secondly, I will be publishing some guest posts on Sam's Blog. Now I'll get to see what it's like to be the guest poster instead of the guest post publisher.

Last but not least, I wanted to tell everyone that Inlets and Harbors has its own Facebook page. You probably already saw the "like box" on my sidebar, but I wanted to let everyone know anyway.


The Director said...

Where did you read that Blogger won't let us edit HTML anymore?

Katy said...

Well, I actually heard it from a few other blogs I follow. Thankfully though, it turned out to be an un-truth!